PWHT, Safety & Welding Materials

We also have the stock of the following Safety and Welding materials and can be able to provide on-demand with supreme quality.


  • Safety Shoes, Safety Helmet, Safety Glass, Safety Belt & Harnesses, Dust Masks, Ear nose and muff
  • Safety Reflective Jacket, Safety Coverall, Respirator mask
  • Working Gloves – Hard (Leather & Cotton), Warning Tape, Road Warning Lamp
  • Safety First Aid Box, All kinds of Fire Extinguisher & Fire Hose Cabinet & Hose


  • All kinds of Welding Equipment
  • Welding Electrodes, Steel Cutting Blades, Steel Grinding
  • Argon cylinder carrier, hose & Regulators
  • Face shield with frame, leather face hood, Digital mask, welding gloves
  • Grounding clamp, Heating tourch, welding holder, kit cutting and welding, mask welding
  • Oxygen regulator, power cable adaptor, welding rod, Tig torch body, Tig torch set
  • Tip cleaner, Tungsten rod, Twin house, valve knobe, welding cable

In addition to this, we have stock of all types of PWHT materials:

  • Thermocouple Plug- Male
  • Thermocouple Plug-Female
  • Compensating Cable K type Red(100 Mtr Roll)
  • Chart Paper for Chino Recorder
  • 60 Amps Male Camlock
  • 60 Amps FeMale Camlock
  • 300 Amps Camlock Male
  • 300 Amps Camlock Female
  • T/C putty 1/2Kg Tin
  • Thermocouple Wire K type(100mtr)
  • Ink 12 color for Chino Recorder
  • Ceramic Heating Pads
  • 60 Amps Camlock Sleeve
  • 300 Amps Camlock Sleeve
  • 60 Amps Sleeve Pin
  • 300 Amps Sleeve Pin