Refractory Materials

We have a stock of many Refractory materials that are suitable for Industries like Iron/steel Plants, Cement plants, Fertilizer plants, Aluminum Industries, Power sector, Ship maintenance Petrochemical, and Refineries.

Here below are the different categories of Refractory materials that can able to provided on demand with supreme quality.


  •  All types of Bricks such as Fire clay and High alumina refractory bricks (up to 95% Al2O3), Acid Resistant Bricks and Tile, Insulating Bricks
  •  All types of Castables such as Medium High purity Dense Castable, High purity Dense Castable, low cement Castable, Insulating Castable
  • All types of Mortars & Adhesives
  • All types of Steel Anchors
  • High Alumina Refractory Cement, Catalyst Bed Support & Mudgun mass, Precast Predefined (PCPF) blocks
  • Grouting compound
  • Refractory Ceramic fiber blanket & Pyro block blankets
  • Refractory equipments and Accessories